Eye of the 'Storm

This is the announcement that I think everyone of us - organisers, StormTroopers, bands and fans - has know was coming but it is no less devastating for having a long lead in.

WinterStorm V scheduled for November 27th and 28th 2020 is being postponed and will return to Troon next year over the weekend of 26th to 27th November 2021.

We have tried in the following summary paragraphs and the more detailed page links to outline everything that is being done between now and then. The summary is on this page; the details on each of the links and of course we will answer everything that we can through email and the Facebook Page too. So sadly here we go.

The Background

When we mapped out our Road Map back in March, I think we all assumed that WinterStorm could go ahead as there were still eight months to go...

Well it hasn't mapped out as planned and even if there is some move towards live music taking place over the coming weeks there is logistically no way that we can with any conscience keep our November dates. There are question marks over venue, band travel, restrictions, local lock downs and to be honest even if these weren't issues it is crystal clear that there is an underlying reluctance from you the ticket holder to expose yourselves to unnecessary risk - and that seals it.

The road map highlighted a February option; we have decided against that pretty much for the reasons above. We have reservations about being able to run at full capacity and freely in February and the idea of going through this whole process twice is not appealing!

So we have decided just to take it on the chin and move WinterStorm V to it's traditional November weekend. 

Line up for 2021

We have been liaising with all of the bands regarding shifting to 2021 and as of today's date we have receipt of confirmation of booking from 20 of the 22 bands scheduled to play this year and we continue to work with the four other bands that we were planning to announce for this year's event.

We want to try and get back to normality and for us that was announcing bands at the end of January had become our procedure. We shall therefore be doing the same again for 2021 - the full line up of WinterStorm will take place at the beginning of next year and as ever a full refund will be offered without question until February 2021.

We are playing with extending the event for one year only with an optional third main stage line up on Thursday evening or into Sunday afternoon but this will only be after consulting ticket holders over the next couple of months.

  • Full line up announcement - Sunday January 31st
  • Refunds guaranteed until Sunday 14th February 2021

WinterStorm 2021 Dates and Details

Tickets and Refunds

First and foremost this is about you the ticket holder. For a hundred reasons we want you to hold onto your ticket and we'll outline them further on the link but we have always stated that a no quibble guarantee would be in place. In summary

  • Full refunds can be claimed immediately or right through until February 2021 on confirmation of the 2021 line up
  • Tickets can be carried over to 2021 at the 2020 prices
  • Ticket and accommodation packages can be carried over at the 2020 prices
  • 2021 tickets and prices will be available to purchase on 30th November
  • A 2020 Benefits Package is being put together for all ticket holders who agree to hold onto their tickets.

Process for Tickets and Refunds Here

Storm Force Ten Direct Debit Plans

We would request that if you are planning to retain your ticket that you let the direct debit complete it's course and your ticket will then be paid in full. Again you need to do nothing other than let the payments continue. Your funds will be handled in the same way that all other rolled over tickets and secured as below.

More Details

Ticket Monies

Banks make things difficult and we wanted to create a Client Deposit Account of our own. Impossible!

We have therefore entered into an agreement with the company's accountants to deposit all funds for tickets being rolled over into a Client Deposit Account held under their name. We appreciate your trust and faith in us as promoters but in this new world we believe that this has to be backed up by the absolute knowledge that should we fail (and we have no plans to fail we can assure you) then your ticket money is secure and refundable. You will have to do nothing other than agree to your ticket being rolled over for 2021. We will confirm everything to you then.

Full details are here of our agreement

VirtualStorm 2020

We are in the early stages of programming VirtualStorm 2020. It is not going to replace the real experience in anyway whatsoever but we couldn't let the weekend pass without at least recognising what we should have been doing and the friends we would have been with.

We will broadcast a mix of unseen footage from the past three years, interviews, exclusive content from bands who were meant to be playing this year. Throw in some fundraising and prizes and as much interaction as we can and if we can swing it we'll broadcast a couple of live sets from the WinterStorm stage.

It is early days yet but we can confirm that the most important detail has been agreed...

Boxes of 24 of the world famous WinterStorm Pies will be available for mail order delivery to the whole of the UK arriving for your weekend! Beer and t-shirts to accompany!

As you can imagine the regulations make planning the live streams pretty challenging but we are in discussions with those who matter and if we can

  • broadcast live sets affordably we will
  • if we can open the sets up to a socially distanced audience we will

More about VirtualStorm 2020

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