Eye of the 'Storm

Updates? Where do we start? We certainly seem to have been before.

So this is where we are mid July as we update the line up - again - and if we're being honest it is not likely to be the last announcement.

We've already highlighted the challenges that are facing not only WinterStorm but every band, manager, agent, promoter and fan out there summed up with the single word UNCERTAINTY, and that really hasn't changed. 

That said, it is where we find ourselves and we just have to get on with it. So the paragraphs below outline exactly where we re at this moment of time - 16th of July 2021.

First off we are in full detailed planning mode and we are now in the run up phase to WinterStorm V dealing with a whole set of new logistics perhaps but still full on for the weekend of 26th to 27th November 2021.

We have tried in the following summary paragraphs and the more detailed page links to outline everything that is being done between now and then. The summary is on this page; the details on each of the links and of course we will answer everything that we can through email and the Facebook Page too. So sadly here we go.

The Background

When we mapped out our Road Map back in March 2020, I think we all assumed that WinterStorm could go ahead as there were still eight months to go... Well here we are sixteen months on and the uncertainty still remains but at this point we are planning FULLY for the event taking place in 2021.

As with 2020, there remain question marks over venue, band travel, restrictions, local lock downs and to be honest even if these weren't issues it is crystal clear that there is still for many an underlying reluctance from you the ticket holder to expose yourselves to unnecessary risk. Add in the wonders of BREXIT and you can get a sense of the challenges facing the live music industry.

But here we are and here is what the plan is for 2021 and beyond. 

Line up for 2021

We have been continue liaison with all of the bands regarding their appearance at WinterStorm this year and we updated the line up on 16th July 2021. We have had a couple of bands pull due to Brexit and travel and we obviously still have concerns about the international bands on the line up but that is in common with everyone in the industry. There is nothing yet to indicate that we will lose any more of these bands but we have planned for it with contingencies in place should it happen.

WinterStorm 2021 Dates and Details

Tickets and Refunds

First and foremost this is about you the ticket holder. For a hundred reasons we want you to hold onto your ticket and we'll outline them further on the link but we have always stated that a no quibble guarantee would be in place. In summary should 2021 be again postponed

  • Tickets will rollover to 2022 at the price paid.
  • Ticket and accommodation packages can be carried over to 2022 but a small hotel supplement may apply for some properties
  • The remaining 2021 tickets and packages will be available to purchase on 7th February 2021

WinterStorm 2022 will take place over the weekend of 25th - 27th of November 2022

Process for Tickets and Refunds Here

Storm Force Eight and Ten Direct Debit Plans

All Storm Force Ten direct debit tickets that have been paid in full will carry forward.

If balances are outstanding they will only carry forward when paid in full.

More Details

Ticket Monies

All of your ticket money is ring-fenced and not being used for day to day operations. We appreciate your trust and faith in us as promoters but in this new world we believe that this has to be backed up by the absolute knowledge that should we fail (and we have no plans to fail we can assure you) then your ticket money is secure and refundable in a separate account. 

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