Well that was okay wasn't it?

From our side of the fence it felt great seeing so many happy faces wandering around Troon and the Concert Hall; I have never been to an event where every band seemed to bring their "A Game" to the stage and the crowd their backing vocals all day and night.

There were a lot of sore throats going about; and perhaps even more sore heads. Is Post 'Storm Disorder an actual condition?

We'll post a lot more about 2019 when the dust settles but already there are some amount of superb videos and images and reviews appearing on the Facebook every week.

And with that we move to 2020...

First Band Announcements | Friday 31st January 10am

I think if we are being honest we never really thought that WinterStorm would make Version V. It both surprises and delights us all but it certainly doesn't seem to get any easier! The pressure to deliver a line up that pleases regulars and attracts new music fans is a perennial challenge and 2020's vision is proving just as difficult as the previous four years. We have had a cliched 2020 Vision for WinterStorm V for sometime that recognises some of the highlights and best bands of the past five years mixed with the fact that it is forty years since the epoch of NWOBHM and balancing that with new bands and pushing some of the boundaries a little too. See what has been behind our thinking below

WinterStorm V | 2020 Vision

Tickets and Pricing

We still remain a little uncomfortable with the fact that we are selling tickets before any bands have been announced but we know that it was requested so the first six hundred tickets went on sale before Christmas including accommodation inclusive, advance weekend and the 'Storm Force Ten direct debit payments. 

The remaining tickets and new accommodation packages will be put on sale to tie in with the announcements on the 31st of January - te refund guarantee for pre purchases will then kick in and anyone not happy with the line up will be offered 14 days to reclaim their money back without any quibbling.

The prices have been pegged as much as we can this year and any increases are related to the addition of VAT across all of our tickets this year and some increases from a couple of the hotels for 2020. Apart from that the net prices are actually cheaper than last year but VAT is unfortunately something we now have to build in.

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