Glen White McManus

The idea of closing both nights with some very special - and Scottish - guest came shortly after the end of WinterStorm XVI and Glen White McManus really just came together so well for 2017 that we had to get them back together again for 2018.

If you were at WinterStorm XXVII then the ending will stay long in the memory with Doogie White et al almost stealing the whole weekend with an amazingly emotional version of Temple of the King. If you weren't there watch below. Guests included the guys from GUN and Maon Hill and there will be a few more surprises this year for sure. 

Anyway these three guys could create their own rock family tree!

White and McManus in La Paz; White and Glen in MSG, White in Rainbow, Rising Force and Tank amongst others. McManus in Glasgow and GUN and Chris Glen the driving bass behind Sensational Alex Harvey Band having shared the stage with many of rock and metals great and touring currently with Michael Schenker across the world.

Chris, Doogie and Paul will take the WinterStorm stage on the Saturday night to close the main stage again with a whirlwind set of some of their favourites. Chris explained, 

"We've been throwing some differnete tracks into the pot and we'll put together a set that again brings together some massive numbers form some of those bands we've grown older with! And if it all comes to plan the finish will match last year's in its own way! There will be some noise on that stage I can tell you and we've Im sure we'll have some very special guests joining us through the set once again."

Doogie White carried on,

"The three of us have played with each other in so many different bands over the years that when I was approached to do this it was a straight forward yes. The event is great for live rock music in Scotland and I'm delighted to support it and be involved"

Paul McManus recalled last year and is looknig forward to this year again. "It's a great wee venue with a great feel to it and last year just had an amazingly friendly vibe to it and as well as our GUN performance on the Friday I'm looking forward to getting on stage with these guys again - hey and you should see some of the guests on the rota!"

We think you'll agree Glen White McManus and Friends may just be the best end to a rock weekend you could hope for!

WinterStorm Rock Weekender
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