Tickets and Refunds

The most expensive part of WinterStorm's operation is our marketing costs and very specifically that is measured in the "Cost of Acquisition" for every ticket we sell. We don't have a radio station or in-house magazine to publicise our events and ensure sell outs within days so we have to work hard on social media, digital channels, word of mouth, print and good old leafleting of  music events across the year and the country! And it's no cheap!

It is this "cost of acquisition per ticket" that leads us to wanting as may of you as possible to roll your tickets over if you possibly can. It will make a massive difference to our costs - the administrative costs of refunds including paperwork, man hours and card charges are a considerable percentage of the tickets sales and we would like to reduce these costs as much as possible. Plain and simple it will save us a small fortune if you stay with us and roll over your tickets and packages.

However, that is NOT emotional blackmail. At the same time as stating the above we fully understand that personal circumstances mean for many that a refund is required. Dates don't work, health and safety concerns or just you could do with the cash. Whatever the decision we will refund you without question. 

  • Tickets can be carried over to 2022 at the 2020 prices
  • Ticket and accommodation packages can be carried over at the 2020 prices with a small supplement on some hotels
  • Remaining 2021 tickets and prices have now been published and are on sale.

Ticket Only

If (and this is only scenario planning!) 2021 is postponed again and you are wishing to retain your ticket for WinterStorm V for the time being please do nothing  as the priority will be to deal with the refund requests quickly. All refund or rollover requests will be dealt with in the first two weeks after any announcement and not before - please understand that this is to reduce administration costs at our end.

Direct Debit Payments

All Storm Force Ten direct debit tickets that have been paid in full and carried forward and refunds issued for those requested.

(The Direct Debit prices would then include the 2022 tour t-shirt)

Hotel and Ticket Packages

All hotel packages purchased for 2020 have rolled over at the same rates. New rates for remaining accommodation inclusive packages are now on sale. Your deposits will be secured in the Deposit Account as with all other prepayments. Balance payments will not now be due until October 2021 on receipt of invoice from WinterStorm. 

If 2021 is postponed booknigs will roll over but with a small room supplement likley as the hotels will not, cannot, hold their prices for two years.

Requesting a Refund

We will endeavour to process the refunds as quickly as possible and certainly within two weeks of your request. You will be able to request a refund right up until one month after the postponement. 

Simply request your refund on the link below giving us the email address booked and a couple of other details and we'll activate the refund for you. 

Should 2021 be postponed you can also roll your ticket over to 25th - 27th of November 2022 and we genuinely would appreciate you considering this option should it be necessary.

Request Refund 

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