Line Up 2017

We have been asked by so many of last years ticket holders about dates and prices, particularly for the accommodation packages, that we have launched tickets ahead of the full announcement of artistes for 2017. It's not what we planned to do but we have been asked by so many about the need to confirm accommodation plans that we have done so - we have added a No Quibble refund until April 2017 so that if you don't like you can cancel and be reimbursed fully.

However as much as we don't plan to disappoint anyone (even though the expectations for the line up for the second event are so high) we felt an explanation of our direction of travel was the least we could do.

The Ethos

WinterStorm was conceived as a Classic Rock weekend and 2016 set the feel that we wanted. We were lucky in a number of ways but the line up reflected pretty much the record collection and listening habits of those of us who grew up through the late seventies and eighties. 

We had three targets in curating the line up for last year. We wanted: 

  • to capture the energy and spirit of the days of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and what ensued
  • to bring in a strong melodic and AOR theme to the event
  • to feature up and coming bands, signed and unsigned, who represented the future classic rock.

2017 has exactly the same commitment. 

WinterStorm is held in a limited capacity venues; it is NOT a festival more a weekend of rock. As such we have limited budgets and some bands, as attractive as they would be, will in all likelihood remain out of our reach. We want to entertain in a positive environment and surprise along the way where possible.

So the line up for year two will follow the above three bullets and we will book acts that we hope will trigger a lot of nostalgia, a bit of hope for the future and a lot of energy on the floor! Even at our age...

The headliners for each night are in discussion and negotiation just now; the up and coming band list is coming together really nicely and for the old school stuff we have a fairly nice wee Reading Festival theme running a metal thread through that core too.

Please bear with us as we trickle out announcements and hopefully we can take the next step and make WinterStorm a permanent fixture on the UK Rock Calendar.

WinterStorm Rock Weekender
Suite 10 Ayrshire Innovation Centre
2 Cockburn Place
Riverside Business Park
KA11 5DA

Tel: 01294 233713

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