Bailey Guitars and Open Stage

We are delighted to confirm that Ayrshire Guitar makers Bailey Guitars will be displaying at WinterStorm on both the Friday and Saturday and entry to the event and the Acoustic Stage is totally FREE to the public in The Walker Hall in Troon.

Bailey Guitars make bespoke Custom guitars to order - electrics, acoustics & archtops - and run the internationally renowned Build Your Own Guitar short courses- both from the workshop here in Ayrshire and now also On-Line. Mark Bailey will be giving visitors to WinterStorm a taste of the workshops and the beautiful handcrafted instruments (all of which are made with renewable energy.) The Baileys Guitars area will include

  • Display of guitars handcrafted in Ayrshire
  • FREE Guitar ER - Got a Guitar that doesn't play? Get Mark the guitar doc to give it an MOT
  • Live Demos 
  • Made to be Played - give one of our models a try
  • Timelapse  - 20 minute guitar build
  • Build Your Own Guitar ? find out more about our local workshop and online course
  • Guitar building demos/talk
  • Full Programme to be confirmed - watch iste and Facebook for information

Win a Signed WinterStorm Bailey Guitar

Baileys have almost completed a unique White Electric Guitar and they are giving visitors to WinterStorm the chance to take this beautiful instrument home with them - just visit the Bailey Guitar Stage to find out how.

This is a truly wonderful opportunity to own a crafted guitar of the highest quality. Go visit it between sets.

Mark's Background

In his youth he worked in a guitar factory alongside some of the best guitar makers on the planet, including Patrick Eggle who makes some of the finest acoustic guitars in the world, Gary Levinson and Rob Williams who make some of the best electrics and Trevor Wilkinson of ‘Fret-King’ who also invented the Roller Nut.

Mark's work also includes running his ‘Build Your Own Guitar’ course which normally takes place in the  workshop in the glorious hills of Ayrshire Scotland. As Mark himself says,

I always say that most guitars are made in factories and they are not populated by genius luthiers (ask me how I know). They are just normal people who turn up at nine and go home at five. Most of the jobs are quite easy and I believe anyone can do it with the right tools and a little guidance.

Some of my students have gone on make many more guitars at home and some have even started their own guitar making business. I’m not saying it is going to be easy, nothing worthwhile ever is, but my aim is to show you what I think is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to go about building your own electric guitar at home.


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