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By some weird fate of nature, call it a cosmic catastrophe, call it an interplanetary galactic alignment or some such cack and nonsense, but If you’re reading this then you’ve arrived here somehow and no doubt you’re wanting to know a little about the boys, the band, and the music of Massive Wagons! I hope so anyway, cos that’s whats gonna happen! 

Its quite simple really, 5 purveyors of hard and heavy rock and roll! No fanciful tales, no from the ashes bullshit, absolutely no gutter to glory cobblers, its as plain as the spots on your nose, proper pals who play proper music for real rock fans. Formed in 2009 the guys wasted no time hitting the ground running, gig after gig, a relentless attitude to playing live, armed with a set of songs some reviewers remarked were “written with their hearts on their sleeves” the Wagons played everywhere, every shithole, nightclub, rock boozer, biker bar, up and down the country, over and over again, taking pride in crafting a live performance they wanted more than anything to be unrivalled and slowly but surely picking up more and more hardcore fans along the way, hamlets to villages, towns to cities more listened and more followed creating a real buzz among each scene they encountered.
Fire It Up, the Wagons debut full length album was met with critical acclaim, “the songs are chunkier than a kit-kat chunky being eaten by the worlds fattest man!!” Planet Mosh stated loudly!! now I aint entirely sure what that means exactly, means they are chunky I guess, but they go on to say “if you don’t like Massive Wagons then get the hell off this planet” and that I can get my head round, digest and regurgitate with pride!
Live show after live show, knuckled down, writing hard, gigging harder, opportunities arose for the guys and over the last 2 years they have been asked to be a part of some truly great events, events the Wagons have admired and longed to be a part of, Hard Rock Hell, Bloodstock, and Steelhouse most recently, lining up alongside the bands peers, influences and idols, things really kicking into overdrive on the live scene followed up by trips abroad to play in Ibiza, and to the legendary Diamond Rock Club, Ireland, to support label mates the Screaming Eagles at their album launch event.

Fight The System, the guys follow up full length album was released July 2014 through Off Yer Rocka recordings, a label which after much discussion and thought was deemed to be the perfect outlet for what was to be recorded, 11 tracks “containing some of the downright dirtiest, downright ballsiest hard rock anthems of the year”(My Global Mind)…”With an intoxicating selection of songs, Fight The System is not only the most solid work Massive Wagons have produced to date but shines brightly enough to be that seminal album that could well be a future classic”(Dazzle Rebel,TBFM)… With 2 solid albums under their belts and a host of respected stages graced the Wagons just keep on rollin……

WinterStorm Rock Weekender
Suite 10 Ayrshire Innovation Centre
2 Cockburn Place
Riverside Business Park
KA11 5DA

Tel: 01294 233713

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